Spotlight Camera Lights and Siren don't work without WiFi

I really had hoped that the Spotlight Camera’s ability to turn on its lights when the alarm activates would be the final piece in meeting the requirements to get a permit and monitoring for our alarm system. I was sadly mistaken. (I’d even convinced the local fire department to accept that the lights don’t strobe).

The Spotlight Camera is dependent on a wi-fi connection for, seemingly, everything. So, if you live in a town where your system needs to function if the power or internet goes out, and you need a siren and strobe that can function in below-freezing temperatures, you still do not have a viable solution from Ring. It would have been really nice for the siren and alarm to be trigger-able with Z-Wave.

This is beyond frustrating. Thousands of dollars worth of equipment and time, and we still don’t have a system that satisfies the local fire departments requirements, and there is no indication from Ring of any effort to make products available to meet the needs of people who live in cold environments.

I wish I could get a refund for the whole system.

Sorry to hear about this experience, @imaac! The Ring Alarm does indeed have a battery backup and a cellular back up, when professionally monitored or subscribed to a Protect Plus plan. As described in our help center article, some municipalities might have combination or separate fire and police permits, but the Alarm should allow you to meet the requirements of each. There is a dome siren available for Alarm, but it is for indoor use only. As for lights and outdoor sirens, the linked Camera is indeed a great solution for this, but linking it does not make your Spotlight Camera an Alarm monitored device.

Are the requirements for your local jurisdiction an outdoor siren specifically, and a strobing light?