Spotlight camera during power outage?

I do not currently have a security system in my home and am researching various makes and models to find what fits my needs.

I like the LED Spotlight Cam with the Solar Power option. A few questions, if I may –

– Since this is powered by a solar cell and a battery backup, is it “safe to assume” this camera would function as normal during a power outage? (Assuming, of course, my home wifi is also on a functioning UPS backup.)

– If wifi is still available, would it still upload video and otherwise detect and alert?

Hi @Anon_Y_Mous. Our Spotlight Cam Solar is still primarily powered by the battery. The Solar Panel serves as a trickle charger that maintains the battery level. The Solar Panel requires 4 hours of direct sunlight per day to trickle charge your Spotlight Cam. If there is a power outage, you camera will only operate if there is a constant wifi connection. If your wifi goes out with the power, the camera will automatically go offline until a wifi connection is restored. I hope this answers your questions! :smiley:

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