Spotlight camera duel battery not working

I have two batteries in the spotlight camera. It only reads one. When we first installed the camera it read both sides and worked beautifully. In May it stopped working. We were told the iOS update for ring 5.39.0 would fix this problem. It didn’t but we were told both batteries were reading on ring side. So today our battery was at 5%. When we manually switched batteries the backup was at 95%. So it is still not working. Please advise

Hi @vwpatty. Have you tried resetting the Camera at all after inserting the two fully charged batteries? If you haven’t, I’d suggest giving a reset a try and then checking if both batteries are showing up in the Ring App. To reset the Camera, hold down the setup button for at least 20 seconds. Once the reset is complete, take the Camera through a new setup in the Ring App. Trigger a test event by walking in front of the Camera or activating the Live View, then check the Device Health screen to see if the batteries are displaying accurately.

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