spotlight camera change of user

Hi just bought brand new spotlight camera but cannot set it up as it sasy it has been set up with anotehr user. argos not replying

how do i reset or set up tried prerssing 30 seconds

Hi @drmeng! If your Camera was setup prior, you’ll want to follow the steps in our Change of Ownership process. Initiating or attempting a setup should prompt an email to the previous owner to release ownership.

If this has already been attempted, or if you are needing assistance further to gain ownership, our support team is happy to assist further with this! :slight_smile:

I have tried but no answer this product was bought new from Argos a wholesaler so should not have been registered

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Sorry to hear about this @drmeng! At this time, reaching out to our support team by phone is the best way to get through quickly. You are correct that purchasing this device as new means it should not have been registered to anyone prior. Another option outside of our support team assisting, would be to swap this with the retailer.

due to covid argos are refusing to accept returns at all or even refunds. its digusting everyone else is they ahev taken my money but wont return it

can you kindly deregister the spotlight

i sent the serial number and can proof of purchase

That is unfortunate to hear! Luckily, our support team is certainly able to assist with this further. As this is account specific, for your security and privacy, our team will best be able to assist by phone. :slight_smile: