Spotlight Cam Wired Picks up to far and too much - Help !

I have a spotlight cam wired and it is set to overlook our driveway and cars. The road is 80 feet away. I have set the motion zones half way down the drive yet it is picking up cars that are not even visible on the video yet. I have aimed the camera lower and it still picks up outside of the rage and visible range about 200 feet away. I now have it almost straight down (mounted 10 feet up) and it still picks up cars moving down the street. I have moved the sensitifivity down to the mid level as I want it to see cars coming into my driveway but it is still picking up everything. What is the point of having motion zones if it ignores it and pickes up 200 feet away anyway? As it works now I am gointo have to take it down to get some sleep. Any suggestions?

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Hey @Skulldigger, have you reached out to our support team here on this concern? I would recommend this as a great first start, as it seems you’ve exhausted a lot of the troubleshooting steps on your end. Our support team will be able to take a deeper look into this for you so that you can rest easy once they get it back up and running for you as it should!