Spotlight cam wired - lights staying on

Hi -

The problem i’m having is that our light comes on, when the room is dark i.e. when you turn the (Building) lights off at night, or just before turning them on, in the morning. We enter and leave during the time when the camera is set to NOT give notifications or react to activity. Not only are the lights coming on, but they now stay on, for up to 20 minutes.

My settings;

In the settings I have the lights to switch off 30 seconds after coming on automatically and our motion schedule rule is to disable motion between 6.30 and 22.00. We are having the lights come on, reacting to our motion during these hours (but only as we turn the lights off, or before turning them on, in the morning)

Help, please?!

Hey @Enhance! The best thing to check first is the time zone in your app and your mobile device, to ensure they are accurate to your location. I recommend also ensuring that during this scheduled time, there is no interruption in wifi connection.

If this concern persists after confirming the above, please contact our support team, at 800-656-1918, for more in-depth troubleshooting.

Thanks for the reply. I’ve searched the entire app and cant see anything about time zones or time at all!

Sorry about that @Enhance! I should have clarified to check the time frame in the app motion scheduling setting to ensure it matches the time frame you desire to schedule. Then of course, also check the timezone on your mobile device specifically. This is commonly found in the general settings or location settings of your phone itself.