Spotlight Cam Wired flickers and won't stay lit

I just installed my new spotlight cam wired and noticed the light on the right side wasn’t staying lit the same way as the left side. I thought maybe it was something to do with updating firmware and it would sort itself out. I mounted the cam on the house and set everything up per the instructions and it all works great, except the right spotlight still doesn’t come on. It will occassionally flicker like a strobe light and then go out.

Can these lights be replaced? I don’t want to take it all down and send it back if I don’t have to.

Hi @jefbrown99! Unfortunately, these lights cannot be replaced separately. I recommend trying a power cycle by removing power and reapplying it to see if both lights will operate as intended. If they do not, our support team will be happy to assist further with this by phone. :slight_smile: