Spotlight Cam Wired - 100ft from house - Will it need just Wi-Fi and power? Batter Backup Option?


I just jumped into the Ring think and am $800 into it at this point. Planning install and trying to identify issues before I open all the boxed. I have the security system, Doorbell Cam gen 3, Outdoor wired floodlight cam and Spotlight Cam wired. Extra sensord ordered and 2 extenders for security system.


  1. I see the specification on the Spotlight cam (wired) has voice communicaiton on 902-928mhz. Will this need to reach back to the security system main receiver on 900mhz or will just Wi-Fi allow cam and 2-way audio. Its 120 feet from house but I am putting up a directional Access Point so it will have a good signal, light of sight. I just wonder if it needs to connect to any of the other Ring receivers?

  2. Spotlight cam Wired - Does not seem to have abattery backup. Is this availabe so it functions during short power outages?

Thank you

Hi @Brumey. Thank you for joining the Ring Community! Your Ring Spotlight Cam will only need a strong wifi connection to operate. It doesn’t need to connect to any other Ring product to work, just wifi. If you have the Wired Spotlight Cam, there is not a Backup Battery option. The only device that has a Backup Battery is the Ring Alarm Base Station. Let me know if you have anymore questions!