Spotlight cam questions

Hey first post thanks in advance for the help

  1. One of my spotlights i use the light over my garage but i keep trying to change when it goes on with daylights savings time. When i adjust the time in the app and click save it still does not work. Am i doing anything wrong?

  2. One of my cams takes an awfully long time going into live view, all of my others are on the same internet connection, i even changed from one wifi source to another but it still takes a long time to come up, any suggestions.

Thanks again

Hey @ajcjr815. I’m happy to chime in and offer some suggestions here. First, are you able to share a screenshot of the setting you’re editing in the Ring App to adjust when the Spotlight is coming on? As for the Live View, what is the RSSI number on the Device Health screen for this Camera? You can learn more about RSSI in our Community Post here.

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RSSI # is 55

i will try to upload a photo but i am going into the cam, settings, light settings, light schedule

@ajcjr815 You may want to check out our Community Post about Live View not loading properly here. You can also try the Rapid Ring App, which is designed specifically to allow you to answer notifications and pull up the Live View more quickly. If you’re able to share a screenshot of the settings you’re changing, that would be helpful so I can have my team take a look at it! :slight_smile: