spotlight cam offline

My ring spotlight cam went offline. I checked and restarted my modem the internet and WiFi are working properly. I am not able to visit the cam location. Can it be reset remotely.

Hey @mtara. If the Spotlight Cam is Wired into your home and you have someone that could come out and disconnect power from your breaker and then turn the power back on, I recommend giving this a try to get it back and connected. Otherwise, if it cannot automatically become reconnected, you will have to walk through the setup process again with the device under the Device Health page and tapping on Reconnect to Wifi. This will require yourself or someone else to be with the device to press the setup button and reconnect through the owner’s account, so feel free to ask a friend or relative that you could give access to your Ring account that is willing to help set it up again for you! :slight_smile: