Spotlight Cam No Longer Connecting and account Issue

Spotlight Cam was connected fine and working great, no changes to WiFi or router. No longer was connecting, tried several soft restarts and failed to connect each time (sometimes blue light sometimes green). I deleted the device all together off my account and tried to set it up again as a new device, still not working… other issue is I had paid for 1 year, $30 for the subscription, now that does not show on my account as having that credit I was charged. No refund either.

A. Can’t connect the device and B. Now out $30 because all troubleshooting options don’t work. What should I do as this point to not be out the money and get the device to work?

I am a longtime Ring customer and I am having the same issue:

They are aware it is down.

It is back online - sorry for all the posts but I hate forum threads that go completely unresolved.