Spotlight Cam multiple motion announcements from one instance


Ive got a couple of spotlight cams but one now has decided to announce motion detection at least 5 times when theres only been one instance of motion deteced.

I have the 2 cameras connect to alexa so a message is relayed on most of the echos that ‘motion has been detected in the …’ so thats really fustrating when it reapeats 5 times in a row.

Ive even disabled motion detection via the ring app and removed the routine from the alexa app, but it still happens.

Any suggestions or do I need to reset the camera and routine?

Sorry to hear about this @GRVTY. The best first step will be to remove the Ring app, restart your mobile device, and reinstall the app. Feel free to do the same with the Alexa app. Let us know if this improves your notifications. :slight_smile: