Spotlight cam light without motion detection

I just installed a new spotlight cam battery with solar. The light only turns on when motion detection is enabled. Customer service tells me this is normal. This is different from the Ring floodlight where the light operates independently of motion detection (and I thought the clown nose dome which is at the bottom of both camera was for the lights). Can anyone confirm if this is correct?
I have the cams linked with the Ring alarm. When I am at home and the alarm is disarmed, I don’t want the cameras recording and constantly sending notifications. I would like the lights to come on in the evening when I walk by to illuminate the path. The floodlight does this, but the spotlight does not.
Thank you!

The motion detection and light motion settings do need to be enabled in order for you Spotlight Camera lights to trigger. By default, your lights should enable when there is motion detected at night time. Learn more about controlling the light on Spotlight Camera Battery in our Help Center article below. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the response Marley. Is this a bug or a feature of the spotlight cam? I like that the floodlight cam has two use cases - as a security camera and as a floodlight. With the spotlight, it looks like the only use right now is a security camera. If I want to use it to provide lighting, I have to leave motion detection on at all times, which means I get notifications 20 times a day when someone walks by. Or alternatively I can turn off notifications but then I won’t get them if a stranger walks into my backyard when I am away and the alarm is armed. Why does the functionality not mirror the floodlight?