Spotlight Cam: cats trigger motion alerts

I regularly get four alerts from cats between 1am and 5 am every night (the same cats walking back and forth). As a result I have notifications turned off during that timeframe. That defeats the purpose of a security camera. Is the software team working on a way of differentiating between a cat, squirrel, possum, etc from triggering alerts and only picking up human/large animal activity. I was considering putting another camera up at the back of my house, but no way if it can’t differentiate motion between small animals and humans. One solution might be to have a user-defined size box such that if the activity doesn’t fill the box entirely, then don’t trigger a notification (to be used as a size check, with some math scaling for distance - not that the object has to pass through it) or a user defined minimum height off the ground (eg. any activity below 2 feet disregard). I’m sure your engineers can come up with something. An example pic follows: