Spotlight cam battery with solar

Recently my spotlight cam battery is draining unreasonably quick!
received a notification that the battery was at almost done which I thought was odd because I have the solar attached to it and have never had the notification since I added the solar! so I brought the battery in and charged it inside, put it back in the camera and its now dead in less than a week?
in the health settings it states the solar is connected so I’m a little lost on this?!! camera is not even a year old yet

Hi there, @jtlr! Check out our Community post about Battery draining for tips on optimizing usage and time between charges. As we near the colder months for many regions, please also consider night time temperatures and cold weather.

As for the Solar Panel, cold weather can also bring over cast and rain. Please make sure the Panel is clean from debris and is receiving several hours of sunlight per day. Checking the Solar Panel adapter connection is securely in place and clean is always a good step. Keep in mind that the above usage or drainage of your battery will also factor into the effectiveness of the Solar Panel’s charge. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: