[Spotlight Cam Battery] Video playback issue

I am noticing black & white (or negative) imaging during the first milliseconds of playback of color daytime video. I feel this video quality may obscure any events that may occur right as soon as the camera starts recording. Is this a defect of my spotlight cam battery?


Hi @aerogeek2020! Thank you for sharing the video exampled for reference. The coloration you are seeing in the beginning of the video is your Camera’s lens adjusting to light. As the lens powers up, it will also detect how much light is in the area and the lens will adjust accordingly. It looks to quickly adjust to color here, despite the area being slightly shaded.

As every environment varies, our devices are designed to consider numerous variables to ensure it is providing the best experience. This device also looks to be mounted high up which really give it an advantage with capturing motion at a distance, allowing for optimal adjust and recording time. While this functionality looks normal enough, I recommend also checking a video while the Cam is in direct sunlight to see if there is any difference in adjustment.

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Thanks, @Marley_Ring, for your explanation. Makes sense. Unfortunately, this area of the house typically resides in shade, so it might not be possible for the camera to be in direct sunlight.

Here’s another example of the behavior:


Can you confirm this is not a defect with the camera but expected behavior?

@aerogeek2020 Chiming in for Marley! I took a look at your interactions and even this most recent video example and I agree with Marley here. This is indeed normal behavior, especially knowing and considering that you said the camera is generally in shade over direct sunlight. This is indeed the camera just adjusting to the daylight during the first section to ensure the quality is a clear as possible, resulting in a few milliseconds of not so clear picture. Happy to have helped clear this up for you. :smiley_cat:

Thanks, @Chelsea_Ring. I appreciate your response. I will accept this as the solution.

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