Spotlight Cam Battery (solar powered) ghosting at night

For awhile now my Spotlight Camera Battery (solar powered) has had very bad ghosting only at night on live view and recordings on both IR black/white recordings and standard color recordings when the lights activate and IR turns off.

My app is up to date, my camera is up to date, I’ve looked at the footage on my wife’s phone as well on her app and it looks the exact same. Here is a video as an example:

Outdoor spotlight camera has an RSSI of 42.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, these recordings are essentially worthless at night.

Bump, still having issues if anyone could assist. Here’s a link of the video on Ring,

Hi @NITRO2. Thanks for reaching out to us on this concern! I watched the video myself, and I do have to say what the video is processing like causes a very weird chain of events for you. I would be a little spooked too. :joy_cat:

Let’s get this addressed for you! If you can, please preform a soft reset of the device by holding the setup button for 20 seconds. From there, monitor the videos to see how they are. In addition, you can do a hard reboot by removing the battery for 20-30 seconds. In the event that you still see distorted video like this, give our support team a call here.