Spotlight Cam Battery and Night Vision Operation

I have been reviewing the specs and also gone thru posts in the community and pretty close to purcasing two cameras.

I plan to enable the cameras only when I am away from home or at night. I am in a rural area and would like to catch vids of any creatures, not just people. During the day when at home I do not need the cameras, I can take care of my own security. Do not have any neighbors close enough to benefit from any vids.

It seems to me from all I have read that disabling night vision will produce much better results at night since I will get LED illumination of some part of the coverage area after the camera is trigered by motion. The lights come on and I will get a color image of the illuminated area, not just the gray scale night vision image.

Is this a correct assumption and do any others do this also? Is that a mode of operation that can be done thru the app.

I would really like to have this figured out before I make the purchase.

Thanks for any info.


Seems many people prefer their cameras stay in the Day Mode (a much better-quality video picture than Night Mode), when there is plenty of external lighting available.

But currently only the camera decides (when it gets dark) when to switch from Day to Night Mode, and many people want to be able to decide if they want to stay in Day Mode, regardless of the time of day ……

The black glassy-portion of the cam (where the Blue LED can be seen when the camera is active) there are several items hidden behind this smokey plastic, which include the motion sensors and a light-sensing photocell. When there is plenty of light, determined by the photocell (in Day Mode) your camera displays in color. When the photocell does not sense a sufficient amount of light, currently the camera decides on its own to go into Night Mode, and hence the black & white IR video is displayed. You cannot control when it switches between Day or Night Modes. If the cam viewing area is already bright enough, it is possible the cam will remain in Day Mode all night long. Also, if the cam is already in Night Mode in a fairly well-lit area, when the cam’s spotlight activates this additive light might be enough for the photocell to decide to switch to the Day Mode. But currently this all depends on whether the photocell ‘sees’ enough light and how quickly it reacts to switch to Day Mode.

I hope this helps you.

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