Spotlight cam and Stick up cam both failed to detect/record potential 'casing'

2 weeks ago or so my primary cam on the front, a spotlight cam, changed. About 20% to 25% of the zone is no longer responding. I called Ring support and after about 40 minutes I was told that because I was using a custom zone 20% of the field would not be displayed on live view. The ACTUAL PROBLEM is that 20% of the camera field is not visible when setting the zones. Live view works fine. This morning it was even worse. A 2nd camera facing the front detected and recorded live video of someone walking right on the edge of my yard, as it should (and as the first camera used to do). 20 minutes later, neither the first camera or the 2nd camera detected a stranger walking back and forth in front of my yard, evidently (from an observer) ‘casing’ my home. Someone drove into my driveway at the same time and that vehicle entering my driveway was not detected, NOR WERE THEY DETECTED WHEN THEY WALKED UP MY SIDEWALK TO MY PORCH DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF AND ABOUT 8 FEET AWAY FROM THE 2nd CAMERA. I went out a few minutes ago and looked at myself in the center of the motion zone, the camera did not alert. Cam health/signal is just fine. Guess it’s time to research Ring’s liability for when their cameras fail to function, allowing bad guys undetected access.

Try setting your cameras to maximum sensitivity. I had to do that to get mine (doorbell and spotlight) to get all the activity going on in and next to my yard.

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