Spotlight battery cam - no motion detection recordings

My battery spotlight cam has not recorded any motion events since 8/25/21. I have tried cleaning the unit, changed the motion frequency to FREQUENTLY, and changed motion sensitivity to MAX. RSSI is -61, where it has been since i installed a wi fi extender. I can wave my arms in front of the cam on a stepstool and nothing! I am not referring to an alert. There is no recording in history either. But i can Live View anytime. Batteries are 100% and 66%. Odd that the battery power hasn’t changed in 2 days either, even with the settings changes. I happened to notice that Ring System Status showed a ‘fix’ was implemented on 8/25 (same day my issue started) to address ‘neighbors experiencing trouble using Live View…’ I am tempted to blame this ‘fix’ but maybe i’m just frustrated. Anyone have any suggestions on something else I can check or try before I sit on the phone for hours to talk to Ring Support?

Hi @njzale. I suggest performing a reset on your Spotlight Cam. To do this, press and hold the setup button for 20 seconds, then release. Once this is complete, you can reconnect it to wifi.

Additionally, the battery percentage seems to be normal. The second battery will remain at 100% until the primary battery is depleted. I hope this information is helpful.