Spotlight Battery Cam, Advanced Motion Detection Will Not Stay Enabled

We recently purchased, setup, and installed a spotlight battery camera. Everything is working well except for the advanced motion detection and customized motion zones. The app saves the custom motion zones I create and shows advanced motion detection as on. However, if I close the app and come back, advanced motion is not enabled.

I have tried with both an iOs device and an android device. I called customer service and they recommended removing and reinstalling the app (even though it was the most up to date version) and that did not fix the problem.

The customer service rep said it should be working if the custom zones were saved. Unfortunately, this is not the case. I experimented by turning off motion detection and walking outside and going where I would be outside a defined motion zone. I then turned on the motion detection and made sure the custom zones were enabled. I walked forward, right through a custom zone, and was not picked up until I was in one of the standard zones.

Has anyone else experienced this issue.? Fixes? The claim is that the custom zones have been rolled out to all devices so even on a battery powered camera it should work.


I just purchased a battery ring spotlight cam and I’m having the same issue. I can set up the advanced motion zone and it saves my settings fine. However, if I go back into the app, the advanced motion setting is disabled.

Did you find a solution for this?

I’ve had a Spotlight cam for several months and everything initially worked fine. But now the motion detection doesn’t turn on the light. I can turn on the light through the app, so I know that’s working. The battery is also strong.

I believe I am seeing the motion detection & motion alerts going off. I’ve turned them back on several times.

Was there an update that screwed things up?

I called customer support again today and talked to them for just over an hour. After going through the first steps of removing and reinstalling the ring app last time, this time they had me try resetting the camera and going through the setup again. (Useful tip, if you lost or can’t find the card with the qr code from the box, the qr code is in the battery compartment and not on the back of the device, at least it was that way for me).

After confirming that the advanced motion detection wouldn’t stay on they bumped me up to the next level and I worked through a few things with another rep. With things still not working they bumped it up again and said I should hear back within a couple days as they do an investigation.

I’ll post an update once they get back to me. The second person seemed to suggest they had heard of a similar problem. If you can take the time, it might be worth calling so they get a better picture of what’s going on.


@tyrellj, I’m anxious to hear what you find out. I just installed two spotlight cameras and am having the same problem. Maddening.

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I’m having the same exact issue with advanced motion. I set a zone, it saves it but then it shows disabled. Just got this camera and set up Sunday. Hoping there’s an answer on how to fix this. Mine is on solar charger. I’m working now so can’t call but if I have time I will tomorrow.

I checked again last night and the light came on from motion for the set 30-seconds. But did NOT come back on a few minutes later as I passed by. Something very wonky going on with the software?

Hi @PunkFunk. This could be due to how you have your Motion Frequency set. To find out more about Motion Frequency, look at this Community article here. I hope this helps.

I never heard back from customer support. However, I kept checking, and as of a day or two ago the app interface had changed slightly and advanced detection with custom zones does seem to stay on and to work. On my android phone, app version 3.32.1 was the first one to work, I think.

Figuring out the nuances of making the zones and having them actually trigger well is a different matter. Zones matching the area for the regular motion detection seem the most sensitive while custom zones in other areas are iffy.

Now, as of 3.33.0, I’m getting the battery door open error that everyone else is. Apparently ring knows about this and the team is trying to fix it but couldn’t be bothered to notify it’s users and then wonders why they are getting a bunch of angry calls.

I’ve had this for not quite 2 weeks, had to reset the camera at least 6 times and call customer service 3 times. We’re probably going to return it.

I finally received an email on 1 Dec. 2020 saying that the issue had "been resolved with a fix to our [ring] systems’. As reported above, I can save the zones and they seem to work, though fine tuning these zones takes time.

We need a battery powered option, so despite my concerns we’re going to try and keep this, hopefully we just got unlucky, installing things when they had just finished the roll out and then got hit by the app outage a week or so later…

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Yes, the zones seem to be working now for me as well. Still struggling with the camera whiting out at the first few seconds of motion detection and taking forever to load the history/event footage. Frustrating…may need to call about these issues next.