Spotlight batery camera won't connect to wifi

My spotlight camera lost connection to my wifit. I tried reconnecting and it won’t connect. Lights won’t even blink to show it will try to connect. Totally unresponsive.
I have 6 cameras and alarm membership. Customer service is only giving me 35% off. Wants me
to buy another one? So let me get this straight. The $200 camera works for a year and is dead weight if it breaks after a year. You won’t even fix it. It was a great business when I first signed up with Ring so I kept buying cameras and signed up with the alarm. Customer service before was great. Now that Amazon owns it, they probably changed the rules and now you have to buy a replacement one after your initial $200 camera breaks. Nothing against RING but I understand why a lot of people are boycotting Amazon. Such horrible customer service for someone who’s been loyal to RING. If you are reading this and looking to expand your Ring hardware, think hard. Great company but their rules have changed.

Hi @Merrickman. I’m sorry to hear your Spotlight Camera isn’t responding despite any troubleshooting attempts. Typically when calling our support team, they’ll walk through all troubleshooting steps with you in order to get your device back up and running. If they’re unable to help you resolve it, they’ll look at the warranty on your device and may consider a replacement if it is under warranty. To extend the warranty on your Ring devices, you would need to subscribe to the Ring Protect Plus plan while your Ring device is still under warranty. I hope this helps clear some things up! :slight_smile: