Spotlight Automatic Shut-off Issue


I’ve just installed two battery spotlights but I’m struggling with the light settings.

I’ve added the spotlights to a light group but every time I try to set the ‘Automatic Shut-Off’ setting to 5 minutes (or any other time) and save the setting, it reverts back to 0s every time I go back into it.

This means that when I set off the motion detection, the light turns off after only a few seconds which is extremely annoying.

I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling the Ring app etc but this doesn’t solve the issue.

Does anyone have any ideas or had this happen themselves? The device firmware and the app are both up to date.

Many thanks!

Hi there, @danbarn! Thanks for checking those variables. The light duration setting should definitely be saving for you. Please ensure there is not a VPN enabled. Try also making this change with your mobile device connected to wifi only, or cellular data only. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile:

Hi Marley,

I’ve tried turning off wifi, turning off cellular, restarting the app, deleting and reinstalling the app, restarting the phone and none of these correct the problem. Do you have any other ideas? This is the same problem on two different spotlights.

I’m using an iPhone 11 if this helps.


I appreciate you covering those steps, @danbarn! The settings change should be saving, and if the Ring app shows that it is attempting to save, this is a great sign. The next potential culprit could be the network connection with your Spotlight Camera. Try bringing your Spotlight Camera close to the router for testing, if possible. Checking your RSSI in the device health section is a good way to see if there is any wifi interference.

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