Spike in neighborhood alerts

I live in Washington DC. There has been a sudden spike in the number of neighborhood alerts. Mulitiplication by factor of 10 or more, and much more dramatic than past shared notifications. Gunshot warnings all the time. Has anyone else had this experience? It seems to have spiked around the time that law and order became the key theme of one of the political campaigns. I am concerned that the Ring system is being used to stir fear and panic for electoral purposes.

Hi @erict! The Neighbors app is designed to alert you to certain activity in your neighborhood radius, shared by other neighbors. There are Neighbors Guidelines which includes a criteria of what should be shared by neighbors on the Neighbors app. There are also periodical safety reports, which often will come weekly or when a serious crime is reported in the neighborhood.

There are a few Neighbors notification preferences that will allow you to fine tune your radius, and how alerts are received. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Hi Marley – Thank you for getting back to me. My actual concern is that manipulation of the neighborhood alerts system may be taking place, via hacking or other means, to spread fear and panic on the eve of important events that will be taking place in early November. Is there someone in the Ring universe to whom I might more appropriately address my concerns? I’d love to contact them. Perhaps there is some way of assessing whether there in fact has been a spike in number and reported danger levels of neighborhood alerts in the recent period. That certainly has been my experience.