Speedport plus router resetting after motion


I have just recieved a new speedport plus router from T-com, my internet provider. After installing the router every time I recieve a motion detection from my video doorbell the router resets. My previous ZTE router worked fine. Did someone experience the same problem? T-com support cant help and googling the problem cant find anything. I live in the EU, Croatia.


Hey @Tomba. It sounds like this may need to be isolated with adjusting a few settings on your router so that it doesn’t continually reset. First thing in your router settings to check is ensuring the MTU is 1500. In addition, you may want to check and see what your DHCP refresh time is, as well as if you have any flood protection/firewall settings. You may need to lower certain flood protection settings or firewall settings on the router to get this functioning. If you get in touch with your ISP over this, ask them if the router is good for streaming, or if they could see why it resets whenever the Doorbell is using priority on the router.