Speed of response of battery vs plug-in?

With the battery powered Stick Up Cam, there’s a slight delay between motion being detected and recording starting. I assume this is due to the device needing time to wake up.

Is there less of a delay when the Stick Up Cam is powered by the mains?


Hey @pasmith73. When the battery is below 25% for a battery powered device, this is normally the reason for a noticeable delay when recording. The delay can also be due to the PIR sensor’s motion detection, as it detects heat signatures to then turn on the camera. If you have the Stick Up Cam Battery, getting the Plug-In Adapter is just to have non-stop power to the device without having to charge it, but it is still the same camera with the same PIR motion detection sensing.

You may want to get one of our powered device, as they have a different kind of motion detection which can be a bit more accurate/quicker to pick up. You can learn about that here (please note that the Stick Up Cam Wired listed in the list of devices is an older model we no longer sell). I recommend turning up your motion sensitivity under Motion Zones in the Ring app to see if this helps it pick up and record the motion sooner for you! :slight_smile: