Spectrum Cancellation Deal

So, you’re blaming Ring for Spectrums horrible treatment towards everyone that had their alarm system? I think the deserve the heat. Ring isn’t responsibile for anything. If you don’t want them, you can go elsewhere. Spectrum should be fully responsible and have setup a service to connect the old system to someone else’s. That’s their responsibility.

I see your point but I think Spectrum (with whom there is no love loss) was appropriate in communicating what deals were available and with whom. Ring was the one whose site was unclear and directed me to the misleading information. By the way we did end up setting up the system ourselves. I just think the communication was misleading and very poor from Ring.

I saw an email from someone that they received from Spectrum. It was very misleading about the installation. It was all in the fine print that detailed the installation limitations. I don’t know if Spectrum was paying Ring or just giving business to them. I’m glad you were able to install it yourself. But I’ve not personally seen Ring purposely mislead anyone yet. Most likely a rush job so people wouldn’t sue Spectrum if something happened when they turned off the service. Hopefully you’ll find Ring to be better than Spectrum.

the letter I received from Spectrum had an asterisk after “installation” – the other side of the page states free installation isn’t available in all areas.

I had the same thing happen to me . They charged me for the kit which was

supposed to be free according to invoice