Spectrum Cancellation Deal

I just purchased the ring system based on the Spectrum cancellation deal. I am now learning there’s no installation available in my area. This is a huge disappointment and professional installation shouldn’t be offered, if you’re lacking the staff to fulfill the advertised services. This is false advertising and I am now stuck with a system I now have to pay to install on my on, which is a RIP off. Spectrum is a cheap dysfunctional business causing much stress to its customers. The ill equipped installation company states they are not able to retrieve anything from the ALARM code offer from Spectrum. Spectrum says this is a Ring issue and they cannot do anything to help its customers. Consumers usually get screwed by all these companies while they make a buck.

Sounds like Spectrum is the bad one here. At no point ever in Rings history have they ever installed the system for anyone. It also doesn’t state anywhere in ads or print that they install it. It’s made for the basic person to install it. So if Spectrum said this, they lied to you.

Not true. It says it right in the Ring deal as listed on Ring site that free installation is included.

Ok, first the $340 is for 1 year of plus monitoring? Not true, it’s only $100. Free alarm then costs you $240. So it’s not free at all.
The installation of the alarm has this statement.
“Installation services are provided by a third party and are subject to applicable terms and conditions, subject to change. Ring does not guarantee the availability of any installation services or the quality or performance of services offered by any third party. Free installation is only applicable for the Ring Alarm 7 piece alarm kit. Installation of additional devices or accessories will be at an additional cost. Install does not include removal of existing alarm hardware.” And it says there is one company that does this. You need to check to see if they are in your area.
This sounds to me like a company will come to your house and then try to upsell you on every little thing that makes them money. So, I’d be careful and check them out first online to see what others have said about them. I also think the alarm kit was on sale for less than $240 too.

14 Piece alarm set is less.
Ring Alarm 14 Piece Kit + Echo Dot (3rd Gen), Works with Alexa $230 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07WNKFL24/ref=cm_sw_r_other_apa_i_nlqcEbCD2HBKJ

There’s an 8 piece to for $170. So they are not playing nice.

Thanks for reading more thoroughly than I did. I only have a basic set up and never arm it. I just have it alert me and record if the door opens (I live in a gated community with security and have a German Shepherd so…) but I feel for folks who invested in more complex systems with hardware from charter/spectrum that they can’t use with other systems. I haven’t decided if this is the best option or the Abode option. Would like to have outdoor camera which would require (for me) pro install. Sigh. Decisions decisions.

Spectrum is not playing nice as most cable operators.
If you want cameras that record all the time without costing you anything. A standard DVR camera setup that’s wired would be the best. But for basic viewing here and there Ring will work. The basic plan is only $3.33 a month or less for a year in advance. Glad I could help.

Thanks. Though I don’t arm my system I do have the ability to push a button in an emergency for response so will look into the basic set up. Thx again.


I had same issue today and am extremely frustrated!

You can’t find out if MasTec services your area until AFTER you place the order.

I placed the order, put in the order number, Spectrum code, and zip code and only AFTER that did it show up that MasTec doesn’t service California!

I get that they have no control over 3rd party installations but seriously? They should at least say what states are excluded from the free installation BEFORE the purchase, not AFTER!

I’m hoping Ring does right by us and offer us a discount on additional pieces to the 7-piece kit and/or at least a discount on the fee-based professional installation. I asked in an email - I hope they honor that at least. Waiting for response…will let you know!

You could have seen if they were in your area if you would have looked at everything closer. See attached screenshot showing where you could check.
Also their 7 piece system price is horrible. You could have gotten a 14 for less if you see my post above.

Thank you for your knowledgeable responses.
To reset, I posted this to help anyone dealing with the recent Spectrum cancellation only not someone simply researching the choice to install Ring.
First and foremost, the letter sent by Spectrum did not have the option to preview available installation areas. As a matter of fact, the letter did not mention MasTec at all only “professional installation”. When you are made aware of MasTec, there’s a required field for an order number to view coverage areas. For all anyone knew, Spectrum could have made other professional installation arrangements in which the Ring FAQ is useless. The basis of all of this is how Spectrum has poorly navigated the transition offers.
You have a wonderful New Year!

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I see the post above has been edited from what it once said. Thanks! I’m only trying to help. I based all my information off the link in a previous post. That link had the information I saw. If you had a different link or letter that said something different, I couldn’t have known that. I just hate when cable companies hide important information and or mislead people. It’s not right or fair. So if I can call them out and help people at the same time, I’m happy to.
Have a great New Year!

HI All,

I just spoke with Ring again - and they assured me that they will NOT be offering an alternative solution to those of us who live in California - we will be required to pay for our own professional installation. My customer service rep said he spoke with a supervisor who gave him a “resounding “no”” when I suggest that they pay for a different 3rd party to install such as Amazon or OneTech…that’s not good customer service at all. I also offered that they give us 2 free years of monitoring - as a gesture of good faith - but again, they would not consider that either.

Feeling frustrated - but definitely not defeated yet! :slight_smile:


I highly recommend filing a complaint with the BBB - I just did! :slight_smile:

The more the merrier!

Happy New Year!

No professional install needed!!!i confirmed this four times

Thank you for your response. I’m older and I have outdoor cameras included, so you may not have required installing but I do!

Thank you

I am a current Spectrum customer. I selected the $340 7 piece deal with 1 year monitoring and placed it in my cart. I then proceded to check out and entered the offer code from my official Spectrum notification letter. ( As Eagle328 stated Look Closer! ) $240 was subtracted from my total. That is the estimated value of the FREE 7 piece deal. I was billed $100 and that is for 1 year of monitoring from Ring. Mastec does install in Florida. ( I Checked before ordering! ). I will contace Mastec for FREE installation once I receive my kit. In addition I will be installing a retrofit kit for a wired panel. That installation will be handled by Ontech and I will have it done AFTER the 7 piece is done. Install of that is $99. I’ll probably add a smoke detector as well. Whew!, Sorry for long 1st post.

Glad you didn’t pay for the alarm. I saw the posted link above and it said payments of $30± a month. So it looked like they were charging you.

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Appreciate your efforts to help. You don’t appear to have an official Spectrum notification letter and without that you are relying on second hand information from persons that didn’t read closely. Ring does have this posted:

Is professional installation available?

Yes, MasTec has security installation experts who are licensed to install security systems, such as Ring Alarm. To confirm availability in your area and schedule an installation appointment visit mastecconnect.net/ringinstall.

I am also very grateful for Ring agent “Garrett” for answering my 1,001 questions. His efforts have made me very satisfied with Ring’s customer service so far.

I have spent this morning on the phone with Ring, MasTec and Amazon Home Services regarding the offer from Ring to transition to them from Spectrum. The offer as shown on the letter from Spectrum with the free installation of the Ring system is not valid in California. MasTec verified they have no installation services in California. I then contacted Ring and they gave me the contact info for Amazon Home Services regarding installation of the Ring security system.

Unfortunately Amazon Home Services cannot make any professional installation of the Ring home security system in my area in California- so we are on our own to make this installation as a DIY.

This shows that Ring (Amazon) has not done a thorough job of getting this Spectrum customer transition set up in all of the USA!

I will be trying to get resolution from Ring on this issue before I place an order with them for the Ring Home Security System.