Speakerphone and no as call speaker

Good evening, I purchased the Stick Up Cam Battery to use it as a Baby Monitor, but during live viewing, the audio can be heard only when you put the phone close to your ear, like for a phone call. How can you use the classic speaker, how when i listen the recorded video? Otherwise it is impossible to hear. When playing a recorded video, the sound is heard correctly.

with regard


Hey @CERBERO. When you are listening to the Live View, do you have any bluetooth devices connected to your phone at the same time, such as a smart watch or headphones? Sometimes this can restrict the audio quality and not send them through the speakers. If this is the case, disable these bluetooth devices and listen to the Live View to see if it’s through the speakers or the phone’s audio like you were on the phone still.

Additionally, you can try to remove the Ring app, reboot your phone (turn it off/on) and then reinstall the app. Let me know how it goes!