Sound / volume problem

I have 2 ring pro doorbells. The volume on one is good. The volume on the second one is VERY soft. I can’t hardly hear anyone. The volume on my phone or iPad is all the way up

Hi @Rjl! It is odd for two of the same devices to provide different audio experiences. The best first thing to check here is if both Doorbell Pros are connected to 2.4 Ghz. One, or both, being connected to 5 Ghz could create a different experience in audio. I recommend also checking the signal strength for each Video Doorbell in the device health. Removing and reinstalling the Ring app on your mobile device is always a good step, even though this seems more related to the Doorbell Pro.

If this concern persists, as a test, try switching the mounting location of the Pros with one another, to see if one configuration is connecting or getting better power than the other. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile: