Sound alert when entering home and alarm is armed

Hi all. I just installed my system and have been trying to figure this out - but probably don’t know what to search for.

Most “traditional” systems sound an alert when you enter the home and the alarm is armed - to REMIND you to disarm it.

My Ring system does not. And I don’t see how to make that happen.

Can I? If so, any help is appreciated.

AGAIN - I enter the house, the alarm is armed, and I’d like a SOUND to remind me to go and disarm it.


Hey @howsyamama! There are a couple options to obtain this and they can be used together for emphasized alerts. Please ensure your Base Station volume is turned up in the Ring app, through your Alarm Base Station Audio Settings.

Applying an entry delay will result in an audible countdown sound from the Base Station. There is also the option of audible chirps on a triggered device event. Chirps can be enabled by visiting each specific Alarm device page in your Ring app (menu > devices > select device), and toggling the open/ closed alerts on. You may also choose different chirp tones! :slight_smile: