Something went wrong. Please try again

For the las t two days I could not log in to on my phone or on my laptop. I would get a “Something went wrong. Please try again.” error. After discussions with the Ring Support Line and my own trial and error I found that it seems the Two-Step Verification is the issue. If I turn off my phones wifi or connect to my phone as a hot spot with the wifi on the phone turned off I can log in without a problem and fortunately immediately switch over to my wifi without a problem. Not sure of the root cause yet, but at least I am somewhat back in business.
I use the Ring Alarm and Ring Indoor Cams and have happy with the products outside of this seemingly system glitch which I hope can be resolved by Ring.

I should have mentioned that my Ring phone app works fine. This is only regarding the login and two-step verification.

Hi @TVR. Do you have any VPNs or any specific security settings enabled under your wifi settings that could be impacting your ability to sign in? VPNs can cause these problems as the Ring App and Ring website doesn’t support access via VPNs. If there are any security settings on your wifi, such as firewall settings, that you have enabled, this may also be causing this to happen.