some assistance with an issue?

So my mother in law has an owner account that we use to keep tabs on our grandfather as he is quite senile. Thing is I’ve been his practical caretzker for a while so we finally got me into the ring system as a shared account. But none of the devices show up like. At all. No confirmation or anything like that. And we’ve had trouble getting access on some of the other shared accounts to work.

Is that a problem with my account, the owner account or is it ring being weird? Pls help

Hello @SentientSword ,

I believe your mother-in-law didn’t totally complete your “Shared User” setup. But i’ll start from the beginning to ensure it was done correctly.

To utilize the “Shared Users” feature: On Owner App > main menu > Control Center > Shared Users > select your location account address ‘Manage’ > add a new Shared Owner by tapping the blue “Plus sign” Icon (lower-right-corner) > Add Shared User > type the the person’s email address and “Send Invite” to the email. The invited Shared User needs to acknowledge the “Invite” link in the email, and also create their own Ring login account at (you can make a Ring account even if you do not own any Ring device).

Here’s the part I think your mother-in-law still hasn’t done. Once the invited Shared User accepts the invitation, the Owner needs to go back to their App to the Control Center again to the Shared Users part to add the Shared User name and toggle enable/manage the newly added Shared Users to which devices to now have access/permission to for the Ring devices, such as Doorbell, cameras, and Alarm Base Station.

Hopefully, this will solve your issues. If not, additional information for Share Users can be found online at Ring Supprt:

If you still are having issues, you should telephone Ring Support for help:

Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19, their available hours have been changed also:

I hope this helps you :slight_smile:

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