Solved: Pro 2 LED ring too dim

@Scott_H , like others have mentioned, when I first powered it up the blue led ring was very bright. Only after setting it up did I notice it was now always so dim.

As there’s no plus/minus being a provided AC supply I even thought about swapping the wires over, thinking I might have wired it differently after setup and testing before mounting it on the door. I see on the back it says “Power Input 16-24VAC or 24VDC”, so it has rectifying circuitry - I’d try it but I used sticky pads and screws and don’t want to take it off.

Then I saw the posts here… as it was bright at setup I’m really hoping this is a firmware fix…

Do any Ring Doorbell Pro 2 devices have LEDs that exhibit a normal level of brightness? In other words, is it possible that 100% of these devices have defective LED lights? The LED lights on my device are so dim as to be of no use whatsoever. In fact, you probably wouldn’t even realize the device has any LED lights.

The two small Red lights during night hours (which may or may not be IR illuminators) also seem dimmer than you would expect. They can, however, be seen – unlike the LED lights.

The red lights are the IR illuminators, they won’t appear that bright to the naked eye. The issue is the LED ring around the button. As far as I understand it all Pro 2’s (including all of them from the reviews I have seen) are like this with a dim LED ring.

bemak187 -

Thanks for the clarification.

It seems like the two Red lights on the Ring Doorbell Pro 2 are not as bright as the ones on the Ring Video Doorbell Pro.

@Tom_Ring Giving this one another nudge to see if there was any more info around it from the engineering teams?

Thank you for your continued feedback on this, neighbors! After further investigation, it looks like the brightness of your Doorbell Pro LED is in no way an indicator for concern. Your Video Doorbell Pro 2 should operate as intended, despite the LED brightness being dimmer than expected. With that said, for any neighbors experiencing concerns, no lights, or an excessively dim lighting with less than intended operation, it’s always a great step to check power variables.

If you are having any further concerns, or would like a further look into your LED brightness, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, so this has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support. Thanks again, neighbors! :slight_smile:

@Marley_Ring Thanks for replying Marley. I agree that operation of the Doorbell isn’t impacted as such and I am happy with the other aspects of the Pro 2. However the light is impossible to see during daylight which is mainly an issue during setup. Users will struggle to see what the status is. Also when pressed the visual cue of the light spinning is a confirmation for those pressing it. The other issue is purely aesthetic it just looks bad at night as the Pro 1 had a much better look with the illuminated ring being so much brighter. I am in the UK as you know and have the Pro 2 connected to the supplied Ring 24VDC Din Rail transformer. Voltage is showing as good at a steady 24v. With the brightness being dimmer than expected is this actually how it is supposed to be or is it down to a firmware issue/manufacturing defect, that’s the main thing I am keen to understand?


I just bought a Ring 2 Pro and am having a similar issue thought my LED does not light at all. The device seems to working fine in all other aspects, just with no light around the doorbell which makes it look dead. Very frustrating, especially at night because people can’t see the doorbell at all!

@MDruyor I suspect the light is on but you just cant see it. It is VERY dim.

Same issue with my Pro 2. Picked up from Best Buy on release date back in March.

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Same issue here. Just bought one and set it up. Impossible to see in the sun while I set it up, I thought I wired it incorrectly when all of a sudden it started speaking!

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Same issue with my Pro 2. No light. I am afraid my visitors will press on the lens instead of the right button


Just chiming in with another instance of a Ring Pro 2 with a very dim button LED. Even at night the light is barely visible. Doubt this will be correctable with a firmware update, but figured I’d weigh in.

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It is being investigated by Ring still as far as I know. Hopefully there will be some news soon. It is still possible a firmware fix will resolve but I think its more likely hardware related.

@Marley_Ring , I see you set this thread as solved by your response. As the OP , I strongly disagree this is resolved by your response and consider this distortion and a manipulation of facts. Please unset this thread as solved and I fully expect a real update on this issue ASAP. This has been ongoing for far too long.

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Agreed. This appears to be a relatively common issue, and the statement that the “brightness of the LED is in no way an indicator for concern and the doorbell should operate as intended despite the LED brightness being dimmer than expected” isn’t a solution. If this is a manufacturing defect that cannot be corrected via firmware, it should be stated as such and warranty replacements provided. If it can be corrected via firmware, the issue should be acknowledged with an confirmation that a fix is incoming.

Same issue. Installed mine a few days ago and thought I messed up the wiring. Took everything apart and re installed only to realize it was in fact working.

Even if the light was 30%-40% brighter I would be satisfied. Helps as a deterrent for someone up to no good. Bummed…

@Marley_Ring Is there any further updates to this. Its been about 3 months now and the issue remains so I am thinking probably not a firmware fix that can be applied. Has there been any feedback from the engineering teams around it?

Awful experience with Ring Pro 2. Dim and thought something wrong. Had electrician put in new transformer and getting 19.2 V at door. Anything above 16 is required. UGH! Customer Service wanted photos of doorbell, Doorbell wire behind, transformer (although brand new). I’m too old for this and I’m not going in my attic to photograph a transformer! Just give us a product that works.

@HEITZringCAM I can understand them wanting to make sure everything wired up ok but this is a known issue with the Pro2 and has been since launch so the support guys should be aware. The issue was referred to the engineering teams so hopefully something comes out of that but it is looking more like hardware (ie cant be fixed by a firmware rollout as I suspect this would have been done already). Its a real shame as while others may not agree I have found the Pro 2 to be an excellent device, its just this issue which is a real let down.