(solved) Chime not working with doorbell 3

Hello, I scan the QR code, light flashes green as expected. When my phone tries to connect to the chime it gives a generic error ‘something went wrong’.

I tried connecting it manually and when I enter the 5 digit code under the QR code it immediately says ‘something went wrong’

Any known work around for this?


I am getting the same problem. Did you get an answer of how to fix this problem

I JUST completed set up. It eventually worked. I did nothing different, I think the problem was likely server side

Hmmm - I have tried again and get the same error as you reported. Did you reset the Chime or move it to a different location. Mine seems to work and says it is connected, but I think it is doing a firm update when it says it has encountered a problem and says I need to restart setup.