Solved, but now no 5 digit code [Can't log in via phone] an error occurred...."

I’ve created an account via browser and can log in that way The cam wired plus is powered up. When I try to use my phone to log in, I get that message. And I get the same message when I click on “having trouble, sign in here.” I’ve Double-checked the login name and pw.

I see that others have had the problem fairly recently. What should I do? Hard to troubleshoot since I can’t tell if the cam is seeing my wireless, which has a strong signal in that area. TIA.

Edit: according to wifi analyzer the Ring Setup network has good signal strength

Tried again the next day and got in. ???

Hi @wearnest. When you log into your Ring account on a new phone or computer, you will receive a Two-Step Verification code to the phone number on your account. This is to keep your Ring account secure and prevent unauthorized access. You can learn more about this here. It’s recommended to use the Ring app to monitor and control your Ring devices, as the app provides you with access to all of your features. If you’re unable to receive the Two-Step Verification code and sign into your Ring account, please reach out to our support team at one of the numbers available here for assistance.

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