Solution to doorbell pro transformer placement

I bought a Ring Doorbell Pro which included a Chime, a Bell Transformer and a Pro Power Kit V2 in the box.
Since I could not find a spare DIN slot in the Mains Distribution box to install the Bell transformer, I installed it along with the Pro Power Kit V2 inside the existing mechanical doorbell enclosure. I removed all the hardware inside the enclosure and fixed the Bell transformer and the Pro Power Kit. This, in my opinion, was the most easiest, neatest and convenient way to do this.
After a few months the Bell transformer from Ring which was humming and heating up stopped working. Although Ring sent out a replacement immediately, I bought a BG CUB1 Bell transformer and installed it in the mechanical doorbell enclosure. The Bell transformer is mounted sideways and upside down in the mechanical doorbell enclosure.
Attached pictures:

Hope this helps.

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