Solar step lights disconnected from bridge by themselves

Solar step lights in one specific group disconnect themselves from the bridge. The bridge shows them as disconnected, but their batteries are fine. When I walk pass them they can turn on one by one as I trigger their sensors, but they no longer work with the group and won’t trigger other lights in the same group. The fix is easy: I just need to pull the battery out and put it back in for each light. After a reboot they can join the group again. But I have 6 of them and I have to redo this every few days, which is annoying.

What’s interesting is this problem sometimes spreads to the PAR38 lights in the same group. There’s no way they run out of power, but they experience the same problem. Flipping their switch off and on fixes the problem as well.

However, the solar wall lights in the same group never experience this problem. All other groups in the same home are fine. I intentionally moved the bridge closer to the location of this group and it doesn’t fix the problem.

This is odd to hear of, @catchen, and certainly not the intended experience. As a test, bringing a Smart Lighting device in question nearby the Bridge, while also ensuring the Bridge is nearby your router, is a great way to see if optimal signal helps and can rule out other factors.

While this should not make a difference, try creating a new group in the Ring app, and move some of the lights over to test there. Feel free to confirm if any of the lights behave better or differently when assigned to a different group. This can also be due to Bridge connection, in which our Help Center article has some great tips for. :slight_smile: