Solar Step Light Turn On manually and stay on

Hello, I just purchased the 2-pack solar step light with bridge to try. I want to use them a deck perimeter lights and will need 10 more. BUT…how do I get the light to stay on longer than the duration setting when I use the toggle switch in the app? I turn the lights on and they shut off 30 seconds later. Or if I set auto off duration to 1 minute it’s a minute. But the auto off feature is supposed to be when motion is detected. I have that off. Is there a way to turn the lights on and have them stay on? At least until it senses daylight?

Hey @dantiz. You can definitely achieve this with a schedule! If you take a look at our Ring Help Center Article here, it will help you learn how to create a schedule to keep your lights on during certain times. :slight_smile:

Hi Chelsea,

Yes, I did realize you can have the light saty on with a schedule. But what if I want to put them on outside of my set schedule? I cannot have them remain on for longer than 15 minutes.

In addition, when I do set a schedule, if I try and increase or decrease the brightness while the schedule is running, I cannot. It defaults to the brightness of the schedule. Another “bug” which needs fixing. I really like the lights, but lack of basic flexibility of turning them on and off when I want is a major negative and may be the deciding factor of keeping them. Can you elevate this please?

@dantiz Thank you for your feedback on this! I really do appreciate it and rest assured I have passed this onto the appropriate teams for you. We do not have the feature at this time to have the lights remain on outside of the auto-shut off time frame. We do not enable this feature at this time in order to refrain from neighbors accidentally turning on the lights and draining the battery from forgetting to turn it off. With the lights on the schedule, you should be able to make them brighter while the schedule is on-going, but it will revert back to whatever brightness it as at before, so please ensure you are changing brightness (when wanting to do so permanently) outside of a scheduled time.

My team said they will make sure to take in your suggestions into consideration for future! I recommend to make sure to keep you app up to date so you get the latest of any new features we implement, which we will showcase in the New Features part of the Ring app. :slight_smile:

Hi Chelsea,

Thank you for your thorough reply. I have a need for about 15 lights, which is a significant $ investment, so you can see convern if I cannot operate them as desired. Is there a timeline where the App may be uodated for more flexibility? I understand the need to save battery life. But even not being able to change the brightness ( and the light remain at that brightness) during as chedule is very limiting. For example, I have the family onthe deck and would like to have the lights brighter, I can only do so for a set duration until they go back to minimum. I would like to have them remain at the new setting for the remainder of the schedule…Thanks for looking into this…


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@dantiz That is totally understandable and I can see your need for wanting this! I’m unable to get an ETA at this time, as my team has to pass the suggestion up the food chain, work it out, and test from there before we can implement it. All new features that we bring to our apps and changes in the features will be listed in the New Features section of your app, so I recommend to check these (but you will see a red indicator if you have an new feature in there). If I do get a good, even vague or rough ETA, I will make sure to update you here accordingly. :slight_smile:


Hi Chelsea, are there any updates on this feature release? I share the same frustration as @dantiz. Amazing product, high quality, but this particular feature restriction is making me regret my purchase.

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I bought eight solar powered path lights to find out that full bright setting doesn’t Stay longer than 10 minutes. I appreciate the concern of draining the battery but let the customers Chose for themselves. Please add this feature to the app.

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Hey Neighbors! Chiming in for Chelsea here. Thank you for following up on this! At this time, there are no new updates on this feature. Rest assured, the moment we hear any new information, it will be posted in our News and Announcements board! Also, be sure to check out our Feature Request Board where you can upvote ideas to improve your Ring experience. Upvoting ideas will allow us to show the appropriate teams what our neighbors would like to see!

I concur. This is very frustrating.

I understand a lower brightness for the dusk to dawn schedule, but I just need the lights on for a few hours a night, and the auto brightness setting is basically invisible in suburban los angeles, with all of our light pollution.

Need to decide if returning and watiting to repurchase when/if this feature is released is a better option.


It would Definitely be a GREAT feature to be able to let the lights stayed on for as long as you wish. Please make it happen!

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I bought 16 solar steplights for backyard fence lighting. I wanted the same features you all Wanted until I actually used them for a few weeks. The biggest problem is the solar charging feature only provides 2-4 percent of charge per day. I contacted support about this and they confirmed this is normal as it’s only intended to provide a small amount of trickle charge. Based on this it’s very likely that if you have more control of the brightness and how long they stay on eventually they will run out of charge. I’ve already had the issue running a light schedule for 3-4 hours a night. Within 4 days I was having to unmount the device and charge using a usb cable. This may be ok for a few lights but when you have 16 of them it’s not sustainable.

Can anyone else confirm the limited charging via solar?


I have 12 solar steps on my deck for accent lighting. This summer they all maintained a good battery % but now that the days are getting shorter, I see that I may need to charge some (less light) with the USB cable. I only have mine on from sunset to 12 AM, not overnight. May need to adjust the schedule to turn off earlier.