Solar Step Light Drawing and Lumens


I am interested in the Solar Step Lights to replace some LV Lighting on my deck. Current using 7 Watt Wedge type bulb in an “eyebrow” light as a downlight on deck posts.

Can you please provide the color output and temperature of the Solar Step Light?

Also, do you have a dimensional drawing I could look at to see if it will be acceptable for me? I have 10 lights to replace and want to be sure before making the investment.

Thank you


Glad you asked @dantiz! The brightness of the Solar Steplight is up to 50 lumens (adjustable), and the color temperature is 3500K. The dimensions of the Solar Steplight is 3.43 in x 2.19 in x 4.00 in (87.0 mm x 55.5 mm x 101.5 mm).

Check out our help center article for a video visual on installation. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: