Solar Sign stopped working after 1 month

Any ideas why my Solar Sign stopped working after 1 month? It worked great for the first month and just died after that. Thank you!

Hi @YouCanRingMyBell! The Solar Sign should definitely work for much longer. Please ensure there is no debris over the solar panel and that it is receiving several hours of direct sunlight per day. Please also check the button on the back, as there may be an on off switch for the sign. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

The battery life in those Solar Signs is ridiculously LOW ! ! !

The “several” hours of sunshine recommended by Ring should instead say “12 Hours or more”.

You can increase the useful life of the battery by charging it up to 100% of its capacity BEFORE you use the sign at all.

But, once the battery is dead - it is too late to do that.

ONLY choice is to replace the battery & start over.

But those batteries are NOT cheap.

Constantly having to replace the battery makes the cost of operating the Solar Sign UNREASONABLE.

I now wish I had never bought the 1 I have.

I quit buying batteries for mine & now use it as an UNlit sign.

A VERY EXPENSIVE unlit sign ! ! !