Solar Security Sign - Questions

After the Solar Security Sign is turned on at installation, do you keep it always on?

OR, does it ever need to be turned off?

Does the sign light up ONLY after dark? Does it contain a light sensor?

I like my Solar Security Sign.

Hopefully, it will deter someone from even attempting a break-in.

But, after putting it up, I realize it is a lighted beacon that says “hey, come steal me”.

Only time will tell.

Great questions @DonC , and we’re glad you’re liking your Solar Sign! There should be a switch on the back of the sign which will allow you to choose between the sign illuminating at night, or not. Otherwise, yes there is certainly a sensor so it knows when it’s day time or night time. Check out our help center article for a breakdown of the Solar Sign. Hope this helps! :slight_smile: