Solar Path lights over sensitive in daylight

This past week I got the Amazon 4 pack with hub sale to give these a try. So far I am happy with them. Only issue I have so far even on the low setting I get movement notifications with no movement outside. Not sure if it the shade from the trees or bugs doing it. But at night they seem ok. When I had them in medium they were going off like nuts and I have no pets.

Wondering what is the range of motion detection for these? Why are the so over sedative in daylight?

If I can figure out the false triggers I went to get more for around the house when I see a good sale.

Hi @veener79! You’ll be happy to hear that there are many motion settings available in the Ring app, thanks to the Smart Lighting Bridge. In your Ring app, open the menu, select devices, selects your Smart Lighting devices, and visit the Pathlight in question. When viewing your Pathlight page in the Ring app, you will see Light Settings which will allow you to disable light triggering during the day, or even control when the light will activate. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: