Solar Path Light in Shady Area?

I’m considering buying 10 Solar Path Lights to put along my driveway, which is rather shady all day. How long do the usb batteries last under different levles of use when little full sun is available? I understand you can set them to run all evening or just come on when motion is detected. I have several spot light cameras and other cameras, and I only have to charge them every few months, with no solar power.

Hey @outbackatl. For perspective, our non-solar Path Lights will have the batteries within last about 1 year under normal use (8-10 activations a day at default brightness, 30 second duration), so I would say that even if you got no charging whatsoever from it being completely shaded, it would last about a year before you need to get the batteries recharged up by being in that direct sunlight. For these Solar Path Lights, we say that the battery life is dependent on device settings, usage, and hours of sunlight per day, so these are things to consider down the road. :slight_smile: