Solar path light charge

Just curious how long it takes for light to reach full charge via usb? Purchased three, one is still flickering and the other two are glowing continuously. The device health is at 79, 90 and 89. Just not sure when it is safe to take them off the charge. Instructions say to wait until continuous glow but device health suggest they are at a full charge

Good question @BrianHartley! The charge time can vary depending on how low the battery charge is, and if using the provide USB and standard outlet. 5 to 10 hours should be plenty sufficient for charging fully.

As you’ve found, monitoring the level in the Ring app is another great way to ensure they are fully charged. If you can see the level showing charged, feel free to remove from charging and trigger a Smart Lighting event (motion). This should update your device health. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: