Solar Path Light brightness control while on Light Schedule

I currently run them for 4hrs at night, they also come on to full brightness when motion is sensed thoughtout the night (multiple times).

With all of that, by the time it’s morning, all the batteries are at 95%.

I would love to have the 4hrs of lights be much brighter then the current glow it offers while running on a scheduled time… Please let the end user decide their pathlight brightness while on a scheduled time.


If you are able to connect your Ring account and devices to an Alexa you can set up your lights in a Routine (two different ones) to have your lights come on at a certain time and then turn off at a certain time. This will turn your lights on and allow them to be brighter. To be clear this Routine is setup in the Alexa app, not the Ring app.

I have the same problem. I tried the proposed solution but the on duration in the Alexa app still defaults to 1 min. This doesn’t work obviously. I bought the lights to use on a schedule like this. Will wind up returning them if the brightness is limited like this.

I get that brightness is limited during long scheduled periods in order to control battery, but I think users should definitely have more control. If I want to kill my batteries every night, that’s my problem ?. It was VERY disappointing to find out this was the user experience AFTER making the purchase and setting up the lights. Giving users greater control over scheduled brightness would be a GREAT feature.

Yes, please provide user control of brightness on a schedule ASAP! This is a glaring omission in functionality. You don’t need to protect and prevent us, we are adults. Simply warning us if the brightness will drain the batteries too quickly is sufficient. Lack of this control is significantly limiting the usefulness of these solar lights.

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Is there an official way to request this feature? If it is not added, these lights are terrible. They are almost completely off on the default level.

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Any updates on this? Ring really needs to add this feature. I installed 4 yesterday and they aren’t worth it if they remain that bright!!

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On Alexa app, you can make a routine to turn on lights for 15min. You just copy that routine and set time every 15 min.