Solar Panel

Hi, I bought a stick cam and a solar panel, on my profile it appears as the solar panel is charging the battery of my camera, but it is definitely not charging. Everyday my battery life percentage goes down about 3-5%. What have I done wrong? I have checked the connection, checked for debris, and I have reset the camera. The results are still the same.

Hey there, @quitapeach! It looks like you’ve successfully connected and operated the Solar Panel, which is a great start. With the Device Health reflecting a positive solar status, the next best step is to fine tune battery usage. While a Solar Panel will help charge your battery, there are factors that can drain your battery quicker than a charge can be applied. Too many motion events, Video Doorbell usage, frequent or lengthy live views, poor wifi signal strength, or even cold temperatures can drain a battery. Considering these variables can help to optimize battery charge. Please also ensure your Solar Panel is receiving several hours of direct sunlight per day. Check out our Community post for tips on improving battery life. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: