Solar panel won't charge ring battery

I recently started having an issue with the solar panel not charging the camera. I thought it might be with the solar panel, so I bought a new panel. Turns out that wasn’t the problem, so I returned it. I can get the panel to start charging the camera after a few reboots. I was able to get it to charge from 90% to 100%. Then the next day it doesn’t charge again. I’m guessing it might be software related. It only charges when I have the message below it saying the solar panel is connected. The message saying the solar panel is able to charge disappears the next day.

Hi @user24746. Typically, our Solar Chargers and Solar Panels will not begin charging your battery until the the percentage drops below 90%. It’s also worth noting that your Solar Panel will only show as “Connected” in the Ring app once it has been out in direct sunlight long enough to store up power. You can read more in our Help Center article here. In the meantime, I’d recommend making sure that your Solar Panel is receiving several hours of direct sunlight per day and is firmly connected to your Ring device. Monitor the battery percentage and the Solar Panel status over the course of a few days or so to see how both are behaving.