Solar panel showing ‘not connected’ in app

I just installed a wireless camera with spotlight with solar panel. I followed the step by step process of setting up the camera and solar panel. When I go into the camera setting in the app, it shows that the solar panel is ‘not connected’ and does not seem to be charging the battery. The solar panel is facing the south without any objects obstructing the sunlight. I’ve tried searching the web for ideas but haven’t had luck with anything helping. Does anyone have any ideas?


When connecting the power cord from the solar panel to the camera be sure to use firm force. You might even hear a click when you push it in all the way.
I too didn’t get mine plugged in all the way when I first got mine and discovered I didn’t have it pushed in all the way when it wasn’t charging.


It’s a “feature”, they all do it :wink:

Seriously though, I know it’s stupid but all three of my solar-powered cams do the same. I think it’s a software error that displays “not connected” when it means “not charging”. Whatever the case, the cameras have been charging fine for the year or so that I’ve had them.

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