Solar panel connected, not charging

My ring doorbell 2 ( 2020), new, and installed with solar panel. Status says solar status connected, but battery is draining, now at 76%, despite full sun. I have checked settings and stopped snapshots and reduced others… Why is it not charging ?

Depending on how often your camera wakes up for motion events can eat into your battery life. I’ve had to dial back some of my settings so that my battery lasts longer.
Also, after you make changes, you need to wait at least a day for your App to show an updated battery level.


Ensure the cord is completely pushed into the back of the device. It takes a little pressure, and it should snap into place.

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I have the same problem. It’s clearly apparent that the solar attachment is useless and Ring should be embarrassed to sell such crap, but in today’s sorry customer service environment, most businesses don’t really care anymore, so I’ll just take it up the shorts. Therapy.

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It is plugged in- full sun here and it has now charged up to 80%, but this is an incredibly poor charge for several days of full sun and very little use of the bell, setting of which are all at lowest functions.

I agree- the solar panel must be one of the very old fashioned early versions that really converts very little to current. It has decided to charge a little but has only gone up by 4 % after several days of full sun.

I’ve got the same issue with my 2nd gen ring solar panel, it state’s that it’s charging but I’m having to charge it inside every 3 day’s and yet I’ve put all my other devices to it’s lowest settings.